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Awaken Your Metabolism and Balance Your Energy

After winter, many people experience a decrease in energy, caused by various factors such as lack of light or decreased intake of fresh vitamins.


During this time, metabolism slows down, hindering the elimination of toxins and resulting in symptoms such as fatigue, joint pain, constipation, and sleep disorders.


Our body, like a complex biochemical network, harbors essential organs. They ensure the storage, detoxification, and transformation of chemicals. These vital organs, true engines of metabolism, work relentlessly to maintain internal balance. Metabolism itself is the set of chemical reactions that occur inside each cell of a living organism. It allows our body to stay alive, reproduce, grow, and respond to stimuli from its environment.

    Foot Reflexology works by stimulating specific reflex zones through targeted massages, thereby accelerating bodily metabolic processes. This stimulation promotes the transmission of impulses to corresponding organs, allowing for the activation or calming of the digestive system, circulatory system, kidneys, and nervous system. Optimal blood circulation is essential for proper metabolic functioning.

    The practice is particularly effective in alleviating spring fatigue and promoting invigorating awakening.

    Stress management and relaxation are also essential for optimal metabolism. Reflexotherapy intervenes by soothing areas of the nervous system activated during stress.

    Clinical studies have revealed that this treatment promotes better renal irrigation and stimulates waste elimination.

    In addition to its effects on detoxification, Reflexotherapy plays a significant role in hormonal regulation. It can be used to regulate the menstrual cycle, alleviate premenstrual and menopausal symptoms, as well as relieve stress and sleep disorders.

    Spring Awakening: The Yin and Yang of the Season of Renewal

    In Chinese medicine, spring is associated with the element of wood. This season, called "Chun" (春), runs from February 4 to May 4. It's a time when yang energy rises, emerging from the earth to prepare for new life. Nature itself enters a cycle of renewal: animals emerge from hibernation, birds begin to sing again.
    The wood element symbolises the movement of expansion. Imagine a tree: its roots (representing yin) are firmly anchored in the earth, while its branches (representing yang) reach for the sky. The liver and gallbladder are the organs associated with spring. The liver, the seat of the Hun (魂), our psychic soul, plays an essential role in decision-making, imagination, creativity and emotional regulation. It acts as a buffer for our emotional life, helping us to regain balance when we are angry, stressed or upset.

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