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Le toucher dans la réflexologie plantaire

Finding Tranquility Through Therapeutic Touch

In therapeutic foot reflexology, touch goes beyond mere sensation. It involves attentive listening to the body’s silent language.

The imprint of therapeutic touch is drawn with expertise, attentiveness, and respect. It’s a dialogue between movement, deep re-anchoring, and mutual understanding. An interplay of energies that reclaim, propagate, and share, as described by "L'arbre qui marche”.

The art of touch and the right gesture serve a customized care for each individual. As a practitioner, I learn to understand the client’s rhythm, perceive their stress, and sometimes their life history through a delicate, sensitive, and respectful touch. Precise reading of the organs and bodily functions, connected to emotions, will guide me throughout each session.


During therapeutic foot reflex zone massage, your feet initially rest in my hands to establish a first contact.


With gentle, embracing motions, I begin with a brief foot massage to relax and find your calm.


Delving into the reflex zones beneath your feet, I detect bodily tensions and imbalances.


Some areas may feel tense or rigid, while others may seem empty or hollow.


I delicately and precisely address these areas, or gently sweep across broader reflex zones, attuned to your body's needs.


The aim is to restore movement, encourage deep breathing, release contracted areas, facilitate the free flow of energy from feet to head, and ultimately, to nurture life.

Réflexologie plantaire thérapeutique

Des Mains qui Sentent - Des Oreilles qui Ecoutent

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