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The benefits of therapeutic Foot Reflexology

Therapeutic foot reflexology is an ancient manual therapy, which circulates vital energy starting from the feet, in order to stimulate, help and support the body to self-regulate.  Therapeutic Foot reflexology is based on the existence of reflex zones in the feet, which represent each organ of the human body.

“All motion of whatever nature, creates.” Edgar Allan Poe

Practiced regularly, Reflexotherapy brings well-being and helps to cope with life's difficulties.  As a preventive method that is based on touch, it contributes to health through self-defense mechanisms.  It maintains or restores the balance of the body at the physical, psychological and energetic level.  It does not replace traditional medical treatments and is not comparable to commercial massages.


By working on the reflex points of the feet, reflexology helps relax the body and mind, promoting relaxation and stress reduction.

Pain relief

Reflexology can help relieve pain, whether chronic or temporary, by working on specific points on the feet related to certain parts of the body. Reflexology also complements cancer therapies.

Better quality of sleep

By promoting relaxation and reducing stress, reflexology helps improve sleep quality.

Balance and well-being

Foot reflexology is often associated with a general feeling of well-being, as it promotes balance in body and mind. It can also be an ally in weight regulation.

Strengthening the immune system

Strengthens and regulates all body systems (digestive, hormonal, respiratory, muscular, lymphatic)

Elimination of toxins

Reflexology improves blood circulation, which can promote better oxygenation of cells and transport of nutrients throughout the body.

Shared experiences

Branche Zen
Avatar 109

Anne (April 2023)

Very professional. Perfect listening and very detailed attention. This unlocked a lot of pain points.
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